Collar collar

So this design is a bit more haute couture than my previous designs. The high collar on this dress leads down, and accentuates, the waist. With then a mirror flare out from the waist to balance the dress. The flaring at the bottom also serves to highlight the waist even more. 


In the beginning 2.5…

Soooooooo I was gonna be posting every day.
Unfortunately life got really busy really quick, combination of moving house plus Christmas celebrations and work. However things are calming down now and I’m hopefully going to be more frequent with posting!!

Pink & purple

Normally when I post a design on instagram or twitter, I just write a small description with some hashtags. However posting on here gives me more opportunity and space to explain a bit more about the design and where the inspiration comes from. 
This pink and purple spotty look is similar to my first design, in terms of the sharp points leading to the shoulders. As well as it being highly structured and fitted on the waist, then the dress falls to the ground over the legs, giving a perfect silhouette. 

I’m still experimenting with using patterns and designs within the clothes, sometimes I just can’t get it to look how I’d like it to look!! Same as all my posts, I look forward to your feedback.

In the beginning…

In the beginning there was a guy with an iPad and a Apple Pencil. 
I’m just starting out on this fashion design journey…seeing where it can take me. 
I’ll try to post a new design at least every week, I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have. Go easy, I’m just a novice.