Shoes too

I’ve started playing around with some basic shoe designs too…seems the logical next step haha. 

They’re quite basic to begin with, and a few of the designs are inspired by album covers too!!





Life has been getting in the way again…this is only a hobby and sometimes the days just fly by.

I will try to be posting more regularly I promise!!!

Higher higher

Similar to my last design, the collar on this dress surrounds the entire face. This gives the dress a simple and clean look, plus a haute couture twist too.

The shortness of the dress keeps all the attention to the top of the garment, and with a simple and elegant pattern to the dress too.

In the beginning 2.5…

Soooooooo I was gonna be posting every day.
Unfortunately life got really busy really quick, combination of moving house plus Christmas celebrations and work. However things are calming down now and I’m hopefully going to be more frequent with posting!!