Shoulder shoulder

This one shoulder look is another high couture concept. The criss crossing of the dark fabric contrasts with the lighter panels underneath. The A symettry of the dress gives this an edgy aspect. 




This is a basic red pump. Seemed like the sensible place to start seeing as red is my favourite colour. The simplicity of the shoe colour and design makes its super easy to wear!! The green trim on the heel is sort of my ‘trademark’ as you will. This element enables all the shoes to be tied together, giving brand cohesion. 

Pink & purple

Normally when I post a design on instagram or twitter, I just write a small description with some hashtags. However posting on here gives me more opportunity and space to explain a bit more about the design and where the inspiration comes from. 
This pink and purple spotty look is similar to my first design, in terms of the sharp points leading to the shoulders. As well as it being highly structured and fitted on the waist, then the dress falls to the ground over the legs, giving a perfect silhouette. 

I’m still experimenting with using patterns and designs within the clothes, sometimes I just can’t get it to look how I’d like it to look!! Same as all my posts, I look forward to your feedback.