Pink pant suit

This hot pink pant suit is a daring and bright combination!! The cut off pant would be great paired with a complementary shoe!  The plunging V neckline is again daring, but balanced with the shoulder and arm coverage. 



This is the final shoe inspired by a Lady Gaga album cover. This album is ‘The Fame’. The colours are pulled from the album cover, and the pattern is inspired by the pattern on the glasses.


Again this shoe is simple, however I was playing around with the colour wheel and really liked this plum purple colour. This elegant heel elongates the leg, and creates a fantastic silhouette. With the trademark green sided heel.


This is a basic red pump. Seemed like the sensible place to start seeing as red is my favourite colour. The simplicity of the shoe colour and design makes its super easy to wear!! The green trim on the heel is sort of my ‘trademark’ as you will. This element enables all the shoes to be tied together, giving brand cohesion.